At Turn Key Event Services we offer an ever growing range of  Tablecloths and Linen that are designed for event hire.

Our rectangle and round tablecloths are available in a variety of sizes, styles and colours and are available in sizes that will be floor touching on most tables.

Our poly spun Weave Tablecloths have been made specifically with event hire in mind and have been manufactured with no ugly seam down the middle.

Tablecloths for Hire

Caress Deluxe Linen Tablecloths for Hire

Caress Tablecloth sizes Available

Deluxe Heavy Linen Rectangle Tablecloth 270cm x 330cm

Deluxe Poly Spun Linen 320cm Round

Weave Tablecloths For Hire

Weave Poly Spun Seamless Tablecloth sizes Available:

Weave Poly Spun Rectangle Seamless Tablecloth 229cm x 396cm

Weave Poly Spun Round Seamless Tablecloth 330cm 

Mechanical Stretch Tablecloths for Hire

Mechanical Stretch Tablecloth Sizes Available

Mechanical Stretch Rectangle Tablecloth 300cm x 150cm

Mechanical Stretch Cafe Square Tablecloth 150cm x 150cm

Mechanical Stretch Round Tablecloth 300cm

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